Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | June 9, 2014

Starting today… at this moment…

Change is tough. Even more so the older you get… I know. I’m coming up hard and fast on 65 and it’s a strange feeling to know I actually made it this long.

More times than I care to remember, I promised myself that I wouldn’t allow age to take its toll on me. I vowed that I would be financially stable, trim (menopause is lethal), and Lifeenergetic.

I’m here to tell you now that I LIED to myself!

LIFE has a way of getting in the way and it doesn’t care what kind of plans you make.

I found the man of my dreams, my soul-mate at age 52 and LIFE has not been kind to us. Well, in truth… it hasn’t been totally awful, but it’s been tough. My sweetie has had 2 strokes and God decided to bring us together for just that reason… I listen. I have a weird sense of intuition and ‘know’ when stuff happens to those I LOVE. Don would not be with me today if not for that voice screaming in my head… GO NOW!  Thank God I did!

In 12 years we’ve taken wonderful vacations, opened a TOTALLY unique gift shop (& closed it), remodeled an old house, created 90+ miniature fairy treehouses, written 3 novels, built an amazing magical & enchanting playhouse… and we are still moving forward. LIFE.

YeDon&Is, we are struggling financially, and menopause hit me way too hard, and there are too many days we get nothing done… but we still have each other and that my friends… is EVERYTHING!

Starting today…  doesn’t matter anymore. Let LIFE do what it wants. We’ll deal with it together.


We have LOVE! ★¸.•´¯`★ ❤ ★¸.•´¯`★

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with LOVE…kitchenmagic


PS ~ I’m writing a cookbook. By special request, it’s a collection of my recipes so they won’t be lost.

★¸.•´¯`★ ❤ ★¸.•´¯`★


Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | May 21, 2014

Don’t get a splinter up your…

I’m going to write something new…  a political commentary.

First of all… I’m not left or right or on the fence. Sitting on the fence you’re sure to get a splinter up your ass! I am however, an American. I think there are fools, thieves and idiots on both sides of the fence and too many folks with splinters up their butts on the fence who don’t vote!

american-flag (2)YES, I vote! However, I will not vote a party candidate… I WILL vote for whoever makes the most sense to me as an American. To follow a party is to place limits on your constitutional right to choose the best ‘person’ for the job. My ballot, when I vote, is always a hunt and peck ordeal. I CHOOSE to vote for the best candidate in my opinion who shares my view.

Way too many people vote a party ballot… they just go down the list and check all the boxes for the party without even considering issues or point of view.


The truth is… the voting system is SO far from perfect I doubt we will ever attain a reasonable facsimile thereof. We the people don’t really have a say in the matter anyway… but we should still vote.

One of the biggest issues in the political arena is healthcare. Where in the constitution does it say every American must have healthcare or pay a penalty if they don’t? It doesn’t.

The reason healthcare is a necessary evil is because of cheating giants like Sanford! They deliver poor service and rob you blind with excessive charges! Ask me about the day I died and was NOT told about the botched procedure before I signed the waiver!!! Sanford Medical was paid over $6000 for that mess, and I’m still paying my share of the bill. I feel violated and cheated… now the government is doing the same.We-the-People

Yep, I’m upset. Affordable healthcare is absolutely what we the people need! IF the government wants to help… then the CHARGES FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT must be governed and STOP penalizing those who need it!

We paid HUNDREDS of dollars in medical premiums only to be BILLED hundreds more for treatment received! What did we pay for?

In less than 3 months I’ll finally have medicare and then I can get a few things taken care of. I’ve been without coverage for 3 years since I retired. Don had another stroke and retirement was necessary. He has medicare already and we know from experience, it’s not a picnic either. We”re drowning in medical bills…

What’s the answer? I guess we need to take a look at countries who don’t allow their citizens to be reamed for their healthcare. This includes DENTAL & OPTICAL too! Dentists charge outrageous fees and they get away with it!

Time to wake up!  The powers that be need to DO THEIR HOMEWORK before they make us pay even more!

No splinters here… I know exactly where I stand and I’m tired of the whole mess.

I’m done.

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…


Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | April 16, 2014

Get it while it’s HOT!!! Unsurpassed By Charity Parkerson

It is my pleasure to present UNSURPASSED by Charity Parkerson!

Not only do you get a HOT new read, but you can enter to win AWESOME gifts at the bottom of this post!

♥ Here you are!  Book 1 in the No Rival series ♥


Aubree is infatuated with two men, Max and Ryan. The two former Marines have been her close friends ever since she made her first misguided attempt at joining their kickboxing classes. When the pair invites her to join them at a weekend party thrown by Drew, a famous MMA champion, she has no idea what they have in mind. After spending one hot ménage night with the pair, Aubree learns the men’s intentions are not all about her. Feeling betrayed, Aubree turns to Drew who is also tugging at her heart. She must choose between the two men who have been the center of her fantasies, and the one man who could make all her dreams come true.

Inside Scoop: This sexy tale includes a ménage and male/male encounters that may leave you wishing for an alpha male fighter of your own.

(Click on the cover for Amazon!)

A Romantica contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave Publishing

How about an excerpt?

Leaning against the cool wood of the hotel room door, she met his stare trying hard not to smile like an idiot.
“This was fun.”
Drew’s eyes flashed. “If you ask nicely, I’ll let you take me to bed.”
She shook her head at his antics. “What if I’m not feeling especially nice?”
Drew brushed his hand over her hip. “You’re right. You do feel naughty,” he agreed. Holding her stare, he bent closer, giving her time to protest his advance. The door opened at Aubree’s back. If she hadn’t hit the solid wall of Max’s chest, she might have ended up sprawled across the floor. Tilting back her head, she took note of the angry expression on Max’s face before switching her gaze back to Drew. His eyes danced with humor as he mouthed, “Denied,” and Aubree slapped her hand over her mouth to smother her giggles.
“Have a nice night, Drew.” Drew ignored Max’s snarling words.
“May I see you again?”
“I’d like that,” she answered without hesitation. Max growled. At the sound, Drew flashed him a cocky grin before giving her a wicked version of it and turning away. As soon as he moved out of the doorway, Max slammed it closed, focusing his ire on her. She’d never seen him truly angry before now. She laughed nervously.
“Are you drunk?”
“No,” she answered, incredulous. “I’ve had two glasses of champagne all night.”
“Your face is flushed.”
Aubree shrugged. “I’m happy. I had a good time.”
Max prowled toward her. The hard set of his jaw caused a flutter of desire to run through her. “Did you forget who you came here with?”
Unable to think of a single retort, she shrugged again. “I’m young and single. Why shouldn’t I enjoy myself?”
Max’s eyes flashed dangerously. His tone had a bite to it when he spoke. “You are not single.”

ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ


My friend Charity Parkerson is an award winning and multi-published author with Ellora’s Cave Publishing. Born with no filter from her brain to her mouth, she decided to take this odd quirk and insert it in her characters.
*2013 Readers’ Favorite Award Winner
*2013 Reviewers’ Choice Award Winner
*ARRA Finalist for Favorite Paranormal Romance
*Five-time winner of The Mistress of the Darkpath
*Named one of the top 10 best books by an Indie author in 2011- Paranormal Reads Reviews
*Best Paranormal Romance of 2012- Paranormal Reads Reviews
Connect with her online:
★ Website:
★ Facebook:
★ Twitter:


Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…

Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | April 1, 2014

I believe…

I believe…

Powerful words, and they get bandied about with varying degrees of sincerity. But, what does it mean to truly believe?

momWhen I say I believe, it’s because I sincerely believe in the vast possibilities in heaven and on earth. I believe in God and angels, in miracles and magic, wee folk and the power of nature. How can we not believe when we are surrounded by such spectacular creations here on earth? How can we limit ourselves to that which is tangible and truly within reach?

My mom is an angel… I was at her bedside the last 5 days of her life. NO ONE should die alone. I was there when the angels came to escort her home. Whether or not you agree, it doesn’t matter… I believe.

At 4am on her last day… I felt absolute PEACE enter the hospital room, and a cool kiss like a soft breath on my cheek. That presence (which I believe was an angel) stayed until she was ready to go. I was showing the nurse photos of her life and as I said, “my mom is so beautiful…” mom took her last breath. The last words she heard on earth were mine, and I will carry that with me forever.

♥  I believe.brothers

I’m a mom and grandmother, and I pray every day for angels to guard my family. My sons never doubt my unconditional LOVE for them, and they know I will ALWAYS be there for them. I am truly blessed… they ALWAYS tell me they LOVE me too!

I plan to watch over them forever.

♥  I believe…

When I was a child I could feel for others, more than a simple or casual emotion… because I could feel pain. If someone bled, I actually hurt for them. I still do, but not to the same degree as when I was a child.  Why would anyone want that privilege? I’m not sure, but I consider it a gift… When Don had his strokes, I knew. I felt his pain and confusion and I rushed to his side. He is my LOVE and my soul-mate.

♥  I believe…

Is there evil in the world? Absolutely… and you can put any name or face on it you choose. I’m not going to nitpick over something that I choose to keep as far away as possible. However, I will give evil a swift kick every chance I get… in whatever form it takes. Enough said.

soaring doveI’m so thankful for my friends and family and faith. They make it all worthwhile.

So today, let your spirit soar!

Take a minute to look for the magic in your life.

Whether you agree or not… it’s there.

♥  Believe.

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…

Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | March 9, 2014

Independent Author Network… authors unite!

IAN_PromoToday I want to talk a bit about The Independent Author Network. 

If you don’t know what that is… keep reading and I’ll explain.

The Independent Author Network is a community of writers and it’s a very cool place to be because you get a lot of exposure and promotion.

There’s a fee to become a member… but you know what? Cinta García de la Rosa has a solution to make it easier for you to become a member. Yeah!

If you apply for membership and use the following referral code IAN-2014-107, and mention that she is sending you to the website… you will get 20% off the membership fee.

So don’t hesitate and just do it!

Keep on reading and learn what The Independent Author Network can do for you. And, don’t forget the referral code!

Cinta García is a Spanish writer, blogger, reviewer, proofreader, editor, and translator who loves the written word. Her biggest dream was to become a published writer, since one of her passions is writing short stories. And she got that dream when she published The Funny Adventures of Little Nani, her debut collection of stories for children and kids at heart. Enjoy her ramblings in this blog.

Have a wonderful day!

Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | February 27, 2014

Fairy Houses …

sunshinebigAs you all must know by now… I am the one and only TreeQueen and I make fairy houses!

I take old cast off chunks of wood from trees, and give them new life.  Pretty cool, even if I do say so myself.

Some of the wee homes start with an idea, and others are born at first sight of the piece of wood. What they all have in common is the magic… and seeing is truly believing.

If you have one of my homes… you know this is a fact. NO photo does my work justice, although the photographer who accompanied Jason Davis did a wonderful job capturing the magic on film. sunnysidein

AND my homes are totally touchable! What fun would it be if they were ‘look but don’t touch?’ As a matter of fact… with each touch the magic rubs off and blesses you!

ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ

Run your finger over the hand carved (by me) furniture… and imagine the wee folk who call this tiny cottage home.

Bend down and look deep inside… breathe in the scent of lavender from my garden. I sprinkle a bit in each home as a blessing for the inhabitants.


Dare to Dream my friends!

Dream of tiny handmade candles on the window sill…

ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ

pinkcottagebrOr a princess bed with pink ruffles, a handmade quilt, soft fluffy mattress and lots and lots of pillows!

Jump up and down and send the pillows flying in every direction!

Yes, this is the stuff dreams are made of… and I put those dreams in every home I make.

ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ

Take a minute my friends to visit the home of the treequeen…

and dare to imagine.

If you do not see your dream home on my website… please, feel free to contact me. No dream is too big or too small!

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…

Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | February 18, 2014

When time zooms by…

Since I  retired, weeks zoom by. Seriously.

On a daily basis I stop to wonder… when exactly, did I get this old? Where did all the time go?

Today is Tuesday… but tomorrow will be Friday in the blink of an eye! When I worked full time, the weeks would drag and the weekends would zoom by.

Raise your hand if you agree!

I was told when I retired… be sure to keep busy. Find a hobby, volunteer or get a part time job. The truth is, I went a little overboard on that bit of advice, and now I would LOVE a day off!

I’ve written 2 novels & working on the 3rd in the series, created 11 fairy homes (3 lost in the fire – another story), rewriting an 80,000+ snow2-14word young adult novel, and I care for my husband.

On top of that … it’s winter and we are buried in snow. In summer we have a spectacular garden and I miss the magic.

But, our home is cozy. Even if the snow and sub-zero cold  forces us indoors… we have plenty to keep us busy!

hdchbig4I believe my latest treehouse HICKORY DICKORY CLOCK HOUSE is a work of art. It took well over 120 hours to create and that doesn’t include the hours spent pondering all the possibilities for this piece. It began last summer and grew. As an idea was born and a twig or branch found… it was carefully added. I’ve had countless folks admire my work, and in the next breath tell me they will make their own for a beloved child or friend. Good luck… is all I have to say to them.

My first complete treehouse took forever to make and the first two carving attempts ended up in the woodpile. Now, after 7 years of trial and error and 90+ fairy houses… I’m good at what I do.

Our retirement is more than just passing time… it’s together time. Don and I do everything together. I may do the actual ‘creating’ but nothing is possible without him. He cuts out the wood pieces and beams with pride at what I make from a chuck of wood, and he feeds me ideas for the books. Every word I write is bounced between us and read out loud.

The minutes, hours and days may zoom by… and the years have not been kind.

But we’re together.

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…

Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | February 7, 2014

Not perfect… but totally OKAY!

WOW! There’s nothing like seeing yourself on television to open your eyes!

Does the camera add 10 pounds? Oh yeah, and then some.

Does the camera find every flaw and highlight it? Oh yeah, and then some. (However, my sweet husband Don looked wonderful!)fairyvillage

It took a note from my granddaughter Mady to truly reveal the message conveyed by the TV debut. Who cares what the camera shows…  I should be proud of me! She is!

My work has evolved over the years, and after the workshop was destroyed by fire in 2012 it took 16 months to get back on track. I LOST everything… years of gathering pieces for fairy homes… gone.  Three beautiful fairy houses… gone. I still look for items I knew I had… but are gone forever – up in smoke. A collection of ‘junk’ jewelry, miniatures found at sales, tubs of fabric, ribbons and wonderful fairy figurines I’ll never find again. My heart cried over the loss for months.

But, I’m okay. I”m back to work and Mady says my work is better than ever! She’s 15 now, but she still touches each piece like a small child filled with wonder at the magic before her.

★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚*

That’s what my work does… it brings out the inner child. And, it doesn’t matter who you are, my tiny homes will work their magic on you! You too will dare to dream and touch each piece. Because ~ seeing is believing.

The years have not been kind. I’m not a kid anymore, LIFE has taken a toll on my body… but I still have the HEART & IMAGINATION of a child.

★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* Dare to dream…

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with LOVE…




If you’ve ever wondered who builds the homes for the little people we think we have the answer. Marilyn Dieckmann of Bagley, Minn., is a contractor to elves, fairies, trolls, goblins and any other fanciful being that exists, at least in our imaginations. Working with old tree stumps her husband Don excavates with a chain saw, Marilyn decorates and furnishes the inside with amazing precision and artistic skill…

Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | February 1, 2014

I’m back!

Truer words were never spoken.  The day after Christmas I twisted my back and have relapsed 4 times since. To those of you who have experienced back pain you know… it will put you down!

On good days (when my back isn’t giving me fits) I’m in my cozy fairy treehouse workshop. Why? Because it’s a place of PEACE & JOY & LOVE for me. It’s a place where dreams come true & magic prevails because I believe.

As a matter of fact, a dream came true recently.  At Christmas, my friend’s son WHIMSYMANOR2suggested I get in touch with Jason Davis who produces a TV show entitled ON THE ROAD. He travels around the state of Minnesota featuring people with unique & unusual talent & events.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would consider my work… but he did.

So, on Sunday February 2nd, at 10:30pm on channel 5 KSTP in Minneapolis, the show will feature the Dieckmann’s and their miniature tree homes in Bagley, Minnesota.

No one makes fairy houses like mine… it’s my own style that has evolved over the years.  Each OOAK (one of a kind) work is carved-out by my husband Don and then the fun begins… adding a touch of magic.

So… if you get a chance, check out my miniature fairy homes and dare to dream!

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…

Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | December 12, 2013

Wishes and dreams…

I personally live on wishes and dreams… with a hearty helping of hope.

There is no perfect world… and anyone who says their world is, I would call a fool. We are all faced with issues, situations, dilemmas and LIFE that can kick the snot out of us and drop us on purple benchthe ground. That’s when someone usually tosses out the ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ saying and I want to punch them in the face. And then… I’ll paint them purple.

I LOVE the color purple! However, I can’t wear purple or even lavender clothes because my skin tone makes the color look hideous on me. But, I can surround myself with purple wishes and dreams. There’s something about the color purple that makes you want to give it a BIG HUG and hang on forever.

This purple bench is my favorite place to hide when I’m feeling down. I can breathe in the scent of lavender and sip grape soda while I dream of solutions.

I look up and see life through a purple mist and it washes away the gloom.

Christmas is nearly here… my favorite time of year. I’m blessed to have a husband who feels the same and our home is decorated all year with festive garland of the season. We tuck away the Santas and snowmen… but the joy of the holiday remains.

Currently, there are 5 new homes in the fairy house workshop (for sale) and one of them is a Christmas house. VISIONS of SUGAR PLUMS is a lovely festive miniature fairy house… and all who gaze at it feel the PEACE of the season. My granddaughter Mady says I’ve achieved a new level of vspincreativity and it truly is a magical house.

I have to agree.

The spirit of Christmas is HOPE,  and a belief that PEACE and LOVE shall prevail on earth.

So, as we enter this season… may the true spirit of Christmas surround you and keep you.

Have a wonderful day…

From Marilyn with LOVE.

Please visit my miniature fairy workshop at…

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