Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | June 17, 2011

T.G.I F.

Hello again,

Yes, it’s Friday and one of my favorite things!  I’m nearly 62 and I’ve been working for 46 years and that’s a lot of Fridays!   There’s just something soothing about the thought that you’ve come to the end of the week and can finally relax, or sleep in if you choose.

My husband looks forward to Fridays for an entirely different reason than I do.  He’s disabled and home alone all week-long, and Friday means he will have my company for the weekend and he can get out of the house!  Since his stroke, he doesn’t drive and waits for me to take him out and about… which for him is a real “drag.”   As a professional man, he was accustomed to travel and a more exciting routine. 

Beware… in 74 days I retire and I plan to “drive him nuts,” and he says he’s looking forward to it.  More about that in 75 days…

Anyway TGIF,  and it’s a great day for take-out and putting my feet up.  Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!






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