Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | June 23, 2011

Do you believe in dragons?

Good morning!

Do you believe in dragons?  I do… at least I want to.

But let me clarify… I want to believe in the dragons I write about.   My dragons are magnificent.  They’re beautiful,  intelligent, benevolent, can be fierce, and they’re linguists with magic.  I added linguists because my dragons can learn any language… and they talk.  How cool is that?  I mean, if you’re going to have these marvelous creatures walking around wouldn’t it be great if you were able to talk to them?  And think of the stories they could tell!

In my book Dragon Tree: In the Dark, All That Remains is the Magic,  I introduce you to a new breed of dragon.  The story isn’t entirely about them, but they do tend to monopolize the theme… that’s how they are.  It’s a story about a young girl who comes of age and discovers her world is not as boring as she thought it was; and there are dragons.

She’s a sassy, seventeen-year-old, half-blood, with more attitude than sense, a bit of magic, a penchant for mischief… and she’s angry.  Angry that no one listens to her, angry that she’s treated like a child and angry that she can’t explain the changes in her life and that she has no one to ask.  So when she stumbles across a book of dragon lore magically shown to her while doing penance for her latest misdeeds, and the filthy savages from next door are invading her home… she is suddenly faced with a dilemma; where would you hide a fifty-foot dragon?  Because one would come in real handy right now, and even if she knew, no one would listen to her.

Quite a dilemma for our girl, and I hope to have this out there for the viewing public very soon.

So, keep reading and more later…



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