Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | June 26, 2011

Weekend treequeen…

Good morning!

Don’t you just love that first sip of cup of coffee on the weekend?  When you can relax and enjoy the savory taste and aroma of a fine blend?   We drink Starbucks French roast;  it’s bold and wonderful… and a treat every day.

On the weekends along with my writing; I’m the creator of fine miniature tree houses!  This weekend I’ll put the finishing touches on 2 houses  and get them ready to ship.   It’s tough to watch them leave… a part of me goes into every house… but it comes back when I hear the praise of the new owner, and know it went to a good home.

I’ve always been a dreamer and the tree houses are a natural outlet for the physical side of my creative nature. is my website and even though I plan to retire from this past time, I will continue to make custom homes for some of my customers.  I discovered that no one out there makes homes quite like mine.

So check it out…  dream a little dream… and imagine who lives there.


And a little bit-o-dust.



  1. I love the miniatures.

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