Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | July 9, 2011

Not so lazy days of summer…

State fruit - Tomato

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Summer’s here and the time is right for…

Well, I’m not sure who sang the song but the rest of the line is… dancing in the streets.  Not much dancing today, it’s a whopping 88 degrees and the humidity is off the charts!  You can almost see the steam rise off the pavement… and the puppies are panting.

Our summer is prime time for projects.  My husband and I had discussed a retirement plan that included, selling the house and buying a motor-home to tour the US.   But one of the projects to get the house ready was to paint the exterior.  He stood back and looked at the fine job we did and changed “our” mind.  Well, it wasn’t all that hard to change mine… I truly enjoy having a house to come home to.

But my acquiescence had a price.   There are things to be done if we stay… inside and out and the big one is – a green house.  Yes, we are going to have our very own green house attached to the back of the garage.  The cement slab was poured yesterday and the lumber is in the garage.  It’s really going to happen!

Can you imagine how wonderful it will be this coming winter (I’ll be retired) to walk out to the green house and breathe in the scent of a rose and pick a ripe tomato?

Last winter we tested our plan and indoor roses and tomatoes work!  Our dining room was a bit cluttered…  but it worked.  HOORAY!   And you guessed it… roses and tomatoes are two of my favorite things.

So, on this sultry summer day it’s back to work… and when the winter winds blow again… it will all be worth it.

Have a wonderful day!


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