Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | July 18, 2011

Shame on you… Sanford Health!!!

I just drove 5 hours with puppies panting in the back of the Jeep… to be told that Don would not be leaving for rehab today.  At 6 pm last night everything was a go… so what changed?  His blood pressure spiked, which is dangerous considering one week ago he had a stroke.

Ok, I understand keeping him and monitoring his BP…  and that is outstanding.  But to act and not call me?  Shame on you Sanford Health!!!  By all means take care of him!  But keep me posted… I’M HIS WIFE!!!   Really, how hard is a phone call?

The reason?  I was told that Bemidji hospital rehab cannot manage blood pressure meds.   Which is a lie… they did it last time.

As to the puppies… let me elaborate.  Our puppies HATE to ride in the Jeep.   Scamp starts to shake when he even suspects a ride is to take place.  They both start to pant from the time they leave the front door until about an hour after we get home… good grief.   That is what my day was like, with no AC… and really pissed off at the staff and doctors for their irresponsibility.

On a much brighter note… Don was THRILLED to see the puppies… and they had a nice long visit.  🙂  Then he cried when we left.  What a day!

On to another issue.

Last Monday when I was frantic… since  my husband was in critical condition… I was forced to sleep in the most uncomfortable family room I’ve ever encountered with the hardest recliners ever.  They are rock hard, and only one to a room.  Three family rooms with three horrible recliners.   The alternative is to pay $55.50 for an equally hard bed in a smelly room with only a bar of soap as an amenity.  I was there for eight hours and all I got for my money was a poor night’s sleep, a shower and a rotten cup of coffee.  It was worth maybe $20.  This is Sanford Healths alternative for traumatized family members and the $55.50 is the discounted rate.  Shame on you Sanford Health!!!

I’m worried about Don and I’m tired… is there a respite from this?  Not in the near future.  I lost sleep because Sanford Health does not care about the family of its patients.  The staff might… but…


How do you sleep at night?



  1. They have a staff of nurses dedicated to this.

    • Dedicated to… ?
      It was a hideous experience & one I pray we never have to repeat.

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