Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | July 21, 2011

Moving on… Looking Ahead… and Bone Weary

My husband is now officially at rehab in Bemidji.  It’s still Sanford Health, but at least it’s closer to home, and I can sleep in my own bed at night.  Hallelujah!

I’m tired.  Not just from lack of sleep, which has been the case for 10 days… but worn to the core from stress.   I’ve been fighting for my family for so long I don’t think I realized how much energy that takes.  Kelyn could certainly use a good break… the Kirby thing is really a sham… excellent product, but the dealerships are crooked.   He worked for them for nothing… not even paid for his time.  That’s got to be illegal!

Help Seattle!  There’s a fine young man looking for a “real” job… someone please hear him!  So to you my fine readers… please pray for him and pray for success.  Please.

As for our plans for the future… not sure.  Don’s physical abilities are a bit challenged right now and he’s a bit “loopy” but I do pray for a complete recovery.  It will take time… will the greenhouse get finished?  Not sure.  Will the other projects get postponed… probably.  Wait and see.

One thing I’m sure of… I’m tired, but will keep moving forward.


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