Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | July 24, 2011

Sanford Health… go back & try again!

Yesterday afternoon and again today I will be faced with a dilemma.  Either I go hungry or leave my husband to go in search of food.  You see, they close the cafeteria/dining area at 2pm every weekend.  I’m sorry… but Sanford Health… that’s really stupid!  When do most people spend any time at a hospital visiting?  ON THE WEEKEND!

My list of grievances is growing… although the folks at ARU (Acute Rehab Unit) couldn’t be kinder and I have high praise for them.   You know what’s really stupid?   The cooking/kitchen staff is still there… they have to cook for the patients!  I can’t even order up an extra tray.  So once again… Shame on You… Sanford Health.  Let’s make it as hard on the family as possible.

What do older folks who visit their spouses do?  I’m quite able to drive off and get a meal… but what about those not so “able?”  Add weather or trauma into the mix… and it’s tough for them.  Again… shame on you Sanford Health!

The reason this is so significant to me… I’m tired.  I’m really tired and feel really alone.  I have a mess in the yard from the dogs, an overgrown vegetable garden, a trampled flower garden (dogs) and no time.  I choose to spend the time with Don and let the rest go.  But the stress is still there… I’m concerned about the condition of our home… and I can’t tell Don… he needs to concentrate on recovery.

Is Sanford responsible?  No, of course not… and the care for Don at ARU is exceptional.  But for me… I’m tired and they just don’t care.

Sanford Health is NOT one of my favorite things…


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