Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | August 1, 2011

Dragon Tree – In the Dark, All That Remains is the Magic

I decided to step away from the ongoing account of my husband’s hospital/stroke adventure, to write about our book.  It happens to be one of my favorite things…

Dragon Tree, is the first book in the trilogy featuring the kingdoms of Kracina… a mythical continent where imagination and magic abound.

Dragon Tree – In the Dark, All That Remains is the Magic  

Sachi is a sassy, seventeen-year-old half-blood, with more attitude than sense, a bit of magic, a penchant for mischief… and she’s angry.  Angry that no one listens to her, angry she’s treated like a child and angry that she can’t explain the changes in her life and she has no one to ask.  So when she stumbles across a book of dragon lore magically shown to her while doing penance for her latest misdeeds and the filthy savages from next door are invading her home… she’s suddenly faced with a dilemma; where would you hide a fifty-foot dragon?  Because one would come in real handy right now, and even if she knew–chances are, no one would listen to her.

In Dragon Tree, two important things going to happen.  The Daingean under the command of an insane new king will invade Terra Valde and bring with them vile and brutal beasts; and Sachi must convince everyone the dragons are real and she can find them.  She will need the cooperation of men, elves, and a secret race, and it all begins with her and the amulet she wears around her neck; the one item left to her by her mother.  But to accomplish this she must disobey her father and in doing so prove to everyone she’s no longer a child, but a woman and a warrior.

And where the heck are the dragons?  They’re hidden from the natural realm and can be awakened only by Sachi and the magic she finds.  She wakes dragons, assembles armies, fights beasts, saves captives, and destroys an evil enemy–a full day indeed.  Oh, and did I mention she finds love and gets a spanking from her dad?

If our book is viewed with favor by the publisher… hooray!  If not it will enter the realm of e-books currently out there.  E-publishing may be the way to go… we just have to wait and see.

I’m currently working on book two in the trilogy… Dioltas.

Have a super day!


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