Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | August 11, 2011

Everyone has Bad Days… NOBODY is Perfect!

Everyone has Bad Days… NOBODY is Perfect!  But we keep on trying to be the best we can be.

Yesterday was exhausting!  From the computer crash in the morning to the dog-chewed chair in the evening… it was a very long day.  The one thing I neglected to do last night was focus on the positive and bright spots in my day.  So, without further adieu, I will do so now.

I was totally surprised and blessed by the folks I work with.  They gave me the best gift possible and showed me that in the cold-corporate-bottom-line world that is our workplace… people care… they care.  I cried of course, because in my exhausted state it blessed me to know that someone out there is thinking of me, especially at work.  Thank you Potlatch – Lumbermill employees!

I would like to praise my Timmy… who has called me regularly and asked, “How are YOU mom?”  He lets me know in those few words that he understands the strain I’m under and blesses me with his love.  He’s a good man, not perfect… but a truly good man. I also know that when Don comes home he will help us get the house back in order.  THANK YOU Tim… for reaching out the only way you could… you blessed me beyond belief.  I love you too!

Life was good for Kelyn yesterday too!  He started another new job… now he has 3!  I know how much he cares too… because in the midst of his multitude of struggles he was worried about Don and me.  He would have come back to Minnesota in a heartbeat, but he needs to move on with his life, and that brings me peace too.  So THANK YOU Kelyn for the outstanding, loving and caring man you are… and I love you!  Keep moving forward!

Jesse is back-against-the-wall busy, but he shows me he cares the best way he can… and calls me out of the blue when he has time to really talk.  Climbing the ladder to success requires a high degree of commitment and I’m totally pleased that he’s finally realizing his goals working for Microsoft.  THANK YOU Jesse for being a good husband, a big brother, and a loving son.  You make me smile… I love you!

You know what?  No one is perfect, and we all have really lousy days now and then.  But rather than focus on all the horrible things, and dredge up things from the past to take that bad day to an extreme… step back, take a deep breath and focus on the good.  Set aside all the bitterness that churns in your stomach… life is way too short to let it eat at you.

If I look around the yard at the mess the dogs have made I get really angry… I let it nag at me everytime I see one more thing they did… but you know what?  I love those two in spite of their shortcomings and shenanigans!  They are far from perfect… but they are sooooo cute I can’t stay mad at them for long.

So, focus on what you LOVE in your life!  Look at the side of your life that makes it all worth while… and smile!  Smile and LOVE until your heart bursts with it!

Have a truly wonderful day!



  1. What you said at the end says it all. You don’t live in Seattle, do you? My mom is there, and I visit once a quarter just to show her some love before its’ too late. I came here from twitter, by the way. Building my writer’s platform. You can find me at There’s a chocolate contest with gift card option about 5 blogs down with very few entries so far. Hope you enjoy my brand of humor, dark chocolate.

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