Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | August 17, 2011

Who Cares? Shame on you Sanford Health!

From the title you can probably guess that this is another scathing critique of Sanford Heath… Bemidji or Fargo, it really doesn’t matter.  The shoe fits on both.

My husband will be released today!  Yahoo!  And that should be cause to jump up and down and look forward to retirement… however, he’s not ready to be released and they don’t care!  You see… they are dumping it all on me in my exhausted state.  Thank you Sanford Health Bemidji for not giving a damn.

Why am I so upset?  My husband still has serious night issues.  “Sundown effect,” when the sun is down he is disoriented and then some… and there are other issues too, but hey, it’s my problem.  Right?  I get to lose sleep, drive an extra 80 miles a day and still go to work.  What’s worse is that I can’t afford to do anything different because we need the money to pay for all this!   Thank you again Sanford Health and especially the incompetent social services person for her lack of support and assistance!  Hooray.

Last night I got home after being treated like a stupid wife who doesn’t know anything, to find that the dogs had chewed to bits… my prized pot of petunias!  Not only did they destroy the flowers, but they chewed the pot into pieces and it was scattered around the yard.  I was so angry that I spanked them, left them outside and went in the house and cried.  I cried so hard, I choked on my own phlegm and I could have choked to death… and no one… NO ONE would have known for hours, I would have died crying.  I was saved by a phone call from Jesse who helped me calm down.  What truly saved me was simply his call… I calmed down enough to allow air to flow once again.  That’s scary!

You know what’s even scarier?  I will be driving, working and trying to function on little or no sleep.  So thank you Sanford Health… if anything happens… it’s all on you! 

Sanford Health is a cold-corporate-bottom-line place that gives the impression of concern, but in reality it’s totally different.  They don’t care about family… shame on you Sanford Health.  Shame on you.

I’ve had enough.  I’m tired, angry, shakey and worried… and they don’t care.   I simply don’t matter… and what’s even worse… neither does Don.

That’s the way it is.



  1. Sending you a heartfelt hug! I don’t know your whole story but I feel your pain and hope everything can improve for you. This Sanford Health sounds like they care more for the bottom line than human beings, unfortunately this happen to too many people. It’s not right! I’m sorry this is happening to you.

    ~~BIG HUG~~

  2. Marilyn, I work in Canadian healthcare and can identify with your experience. Don’t forget to take 20 minutes each day FOR YOURSELF and just breathe and daydream.

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