Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | September 18, 2011

A dream is a terrible thing to waste…

I’m a dreamer.

Not just any old dreamer… because I dream in full color! My husband gets the biggest kick out of me because I’ll be walking along… stop suddenly… and shush him to let me finish the “day-dream.” I get my best ideas that way.

We were in a bookstore in Walker, Minnesota and the idea for DRAGON TREE nearly knocked me over! I grabbed him and hurried him out the door so I could pull the thoughts of the dream together. I realized at that moment what had NOT been done in a dragon story. I saw chapter thirteen in “my minds eye” and the colors were brilliant! I couldn’t wait to start writing and began jotting down notes on the back of old grocery receipts. After that it all flowed together.

My dream of Sachi and her story became so real it was infectious… my husband could actually see the characters in the story and had dreams about them. I see Sachi as a friend and confidante, and I confess that I’m envious of her power and charisma.

In book two, DIOLTAS, she will “come into her own.” Her power and womanhood will flourish, and she will truly be every girls dream.

I’m anxious to get DRAGON TREE out there so you can meet her… and I promise it will be soon. I’m waiting for the cover art to be finished and my son wants it to be exceptional for me. So… soon.

I don’t profess to be the next J.K. Rowling or even a polished author… but I have stories to tell… and dreams to reveal.

Take your dreams and run with them, because you know what?

A dream is a terrible thing to waste!

From Marilyn with love…



  1. I LOVED THIS! It’s so inspirational and AWESOME. I definitely agree. Thank you for sharing your spirit!

  2. Marilyn – I loved your post! This is just the sort of thing that happens to me. Isn’t it just the most wonderful feeling? I have to ask about this tree. Is that real? The woman in the tree?

    Please keep posting. You’re fun to read.

    • Kathy, Thank you!
      This blog has become a life-line for me to vent and have fun at the same time!
      And yes, this is a real tree. White Birch in northern Minnesota are notorious for their ability to reshape and adapt to their surroundings. I like to believe this tree simply needed to spread her wings. 🙂
      The nickname I use is for my other creative adventure… my treehouses.
      Thanks again for the wonderful comment… and have a super day!

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