Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | September 25, 2011

From mundane to magnificent…

Now there’s a cool title for you! Mundane to magnificent…

OK Marilyn, what the heck does that mean? Thanks for asking… I’ll tell you exactly what it means. To me the mundane is a doorway for magnificent thoughts and absolutely brilliant ideas!

For example… frying fish. My husband and I love fish, just about any kind of fish. However, I think standing at the stove cooking the smelly stuff is mundane–and quite frankly it’s boring. I like it cooked “just right” and the solution to that is–to stand at the stove and make sure it’s cooked to my satisfaction.

That may not seem mundane to some folks, but to me it’s boring and my thoughts always wander… must be the dreamer in me. (wink) It’s where Dougal was born, and his story is beyond fantastic.

Dougal’s story is the stuff that dreams are made of. I say that quite sincerely, because his story is about dream-walking. Dougal is an archeologist from Scotland whose greatest ambition in life is to ride his “Triumph Tiger” to the ends of the earth.Β  But that drastically changes when… well, that will have to wait. It’s the plot of my next book and I’m not giving it away just yet.

I will tell you that this story has all the elements of a fantastic fantasy: dreams, magic, ancients, love, discovery, and adventure!

Dougal’s adventure is well under way and should be ready to publish by next spring. You see, I want it to be “just right” and will probably have to cook a lot of fish to get it there.

Good grief, now I’m hungry.

Well folks, I’m off to cook and remember to take your mundane–and make it magnificent!

From Marilyn with love…

By the way, I make the best tartar sauce ever! I may have to write a recipe book too! (wink)


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