Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | September 29, 2011

Ok, so the sun isn’t shinning…

We who live in northern Minnesota have been blessed with 5 sunny days in a row! That is totally unheard of… at least if you live here and experience it first hand. We are resigned to the fact that Minnesota weather is fickle at best… and plan our lives accordingly.

I was driving home from work (I’m retired now…BIG smile) last fall and drove through every season on my 40 mile drive. When I left the mill it was raining, by the time I got to the main highway it was sleet… 3 miles down the road it was heavy snow, and the other side of Bemidji the sun was out. But, get this… a few miles further and the rain, sleet, snow, sun “thing” started all over again. Fickle is an understatement when referring to Minnesota weather!

On the bright side… it’s never boring!

So goes life. My husband has so many fickle elements left over from his stroke that I lose track on a daily, and even moment to moment basis. He walks at a snail’s pace, leans to the left and forgets the day, date, and even where he’s at. Some days are good… and some really suck. But I love him and he’s my sweetie… so we deal with each moment as it comes.

I’m going to vent one more time about Sanford Health Bemidji, Acute Rehab Unit and the idiot who pretends to be a social services professional. What a fool! Do you know they denied my husband a handicap permit? The doctor and therapists (don’t get me started there) say he’s able to walk and can find no just cause for the permit. Well… when he falls or collapses in a parking lot or in the middle of Menard’s… I will call them to pick him up!

Yesterday, I convinced him to use the motorized cart and even though he didn’t like it and was embarrassed to use it… he was not “done in” by a simple trip for groceries.

There is nothing sunny about a stroke… it’s debilitating and the recovery is fickle depending on the severity and location of the damage. My husband has a fair amount of damage and some I keep from him… because it would hurt him if he knew.Β  I try to keep our days as sunny as possible… even if it’s cloudy.

We have many projects underway. The greenhouse is amazing and I’m doing tasks I didn’t know were possible… but it is getting built. When it’s snowy outside this winter or the frigid north wind blows… we can sit inside our green house and bask in the sun.

Because it’s ok if the sun isn’t shining… we’ll make our own.

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…


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