Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | October 15, 2011

Write on!

I have read literally hundreds of posts and articles on both sides of the “indie” publishing issue. To e-publish or not is the question.

I’ve written two novels… one a YA fantasy with 82,000 words and a shorter children’s fantasy with 28,000 words. My education is well-rounded in history, but my writing experience has been research and not creative writing. So, the big question? Am I any good? Are my books worthy enough to be read? My answer… heck yeah!

All of my readers agree on one thing… they love my characters! They can see them in their minds eye… actually see them. Is that cool or what? Well, maybe not in my first draft when I was trying to get everything down before I lost it… but certainly now. I’ve given them flesh, attitude, and personality. They breathe.

I’m told they want to be just like Sachi, and “bitch-slap” the bad guy while at the same time they like him… after all, it’s not his fault he’s nuts! Even the beasts seem plausible… maybe not loveable, but plausible.

I’m excited to get DRAGON TREE out there… and it may fall flat…but hey, I tried. That’s what counts in the long run… I tried… and will “write on” no matter what.

Well, I must get to work… cold winds are blowing and it’s time to winterize. My granddaughter is playing with my phone doing translations in Slovak. What a kid!

Have a super day everyone and “write on!”

From Marilyn with love…


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