Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | November 10, 2011

Keep moving forward… in spite of the foibles!

Every time I turn around life changes. My husband’s stroke pulled the proverbial rug out from under us and my son in Redmond, WA nearly went under when his roommates bailed on him and moved back home. They left him with HUGE rent, no real job and a lease. All this at the same time!

I talked my son out of his despair from my husband’s critical care bedside. It was not a good time for any of us.

Some days I’m so sad it’s hard to breathe. My heart is unbearably heavy and I fear it will fall right out of my chest. Just when I think life may be looking up… more bad news descends on me. How much can one person take before they simply fall over from the sheer weight of such oppression?

Then my writing hit a slump. Every time I looked at the pages I would see the same words… and I’d get even more depressed. Which way do you go when every road is blocked?

Well… you do what I finally did and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

I’m tired of the mess life has dumped on me from its infinite bag of foibles and I say NO MORE! I’ve had enough of the doldrums and heartache. Somewhere out there in the vast universe is a glimmer of hope.

So… what changed? My husband is recovering slowly… it’s not what we’d hoped for, and my son is still struggling with no respite in sight. He needs a real job and roommates, and me? I haven’t had a day-off since I retired and I’m exhausted.

One day I sat down and looked at my writing and found a little glimmer of hope… because Willie spoke to me. Not audibly of course… but from the pages of his first book. Kind of a “what the heck are you writing” wake up call.

I have a whole series of stories (dreams really) about this “very cool” kid and I was telling it wrong! Basically he asked me, “What happened to my voice?” I was writing his story not from his perspective… but from mine. Funny thing was… my readers liked the story just fine, but it was lacking.

What I’ve written now in POP GOES WITH WILLIE positively jumps off the page at you… and you get sucked in by this ten-year-old boy who is half wood elf and more than a little quirky.

He’s so dang cool he reminds me of my own sons at that age. They had their own kind of magic! From jet-propelled toys (shooting their toy cars down the road) to nasty looking rafts that actually sailed. Then there’s the lean-to they built which was so ugly it was totally camouflaged… unintentionally. Even they lost it!

I have the voice of a young boy in me based on my own personal experience and I neglected to “write what I know.” So get ready folks because the adventures of Willie and Pop are just beginning and it will be a whole lot of fun!

So, let the foibles take their best shot… I’m ready!

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love..


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