Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | December 18, 2011

Life as I know it…

Wow… life is certainly full of strange hurdles. How high can you jump?

I was never very good at hurdles or running… I’m a girl and I run like one. Not a very athletic one either. I know there are women who run marathons and are Olympic medalists. However, I’m not in that category at all.

The hurdles in my life are too high for me. I received a note from the Social Security Administration that my check for December would be withheld. Christmas is coming and they keep my money. Why? Because the gentleman I reported my final working income to… recorded it wrong. He made a mistake and I WILL pay for it.

Well, I called them… they fixed it… and I “might” get a check if the change goes through on time. Their mistake… and Christmas is coming.

Other hurdles come in the form of medical bills. Sanford Health is notorious for cutthroat billing and mistakes. Yes, mistakes. If the code is wrong… big deal… it’s OK to destroy someone’s credit over a mistake. Once the damage is done… it’s done. They don’t care.

The medical bills are pouring in, SSA has withheld my check… and I have no recourse. My husband requires 24/7 care… I can’t work.

Then there’s my son Kelyn… who, through no fault of his own is stuck with huge rent, a nasty lease and part-time work. He’s tried to find full-time work, and his goal is to find a job as a game-tester, but those jobs are tough to break into. At this point any real job would be wonderful. He has one roommate now… but one more would relieve the stress.

I’m tired. Tired of jumping over hurdles too high for me… only to fall flat on my face. Somewhere out there is JOY, HOPE and PEACE. Somewhere out there is the answer to my prayers.

Life as I know it has not been kind lately and I find myself looking for any glimmer of good news. Well, I found it.

I have a husband who loves me dearly… 3 sons who love me and think I’m the best mom ever… and a granddaughter who is my angel on earth. I am blessed.

Life as I know it… is wonderful if I let the love flow.

Have a truly wonderful day and so will I.

From Marilyn with love…



  1. I’m very sorry your husband isn’t well and that you’re paying for other people’s mistakes. My husband and I have had two years full of hurdles too so I can empathize with how difficult it can be. We also try to hang on to the things we do have to be thankful for, like each other.

    • Thank you… we feel the same. He and I are kindred spirits and that is enough.

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