Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | January 6, 2012

Do your characters call to you OUT LOUD?

That’s a loaded question I know… but mine SHOUT at me! It doesn’t matter if I’m sound asleep (dreaming) or standing at the stove, I hear them LOUD and clear.

It happens to me all the time… as a matter of fact, I get breakthrough ideas that way. Particularly in dreams. I can’t tell you how many times I wake up and scribble on my bedside scratchpad, just a few words to trigger my new thoughts or ideas. Much to the chagrin of my husband!

Being the dreamer that I am… that makes perfect sense. I wrote on Facebook some time ago that my imagination never stops it’s ceaseless prattle, and gives me no rest at all! A dear friend responded “may your beautiful imagination never cease.”

Yes, an active imagination is a wonderful thing but hey… I still need to sleep!

A few days ago I woke up and knew something was coming my way. It was way too early to be up… but sleep eluded me. I got up, went downstairs and curled up in my chair. My eyes were so heavy I couldn’t keep them open, but I couldn’t sleep either. Then it happened… the head pop!

I knew something was missing from my book POP GOES WITH WILLIE and the answer lay just beyond my reach. I’ve been so preoccupied with everything else going on in life, that I wasn’t listening to my characters. They always tell me when I’ve screwed up!

Drowsy and bedraggled I heard the shouts… loud and clear. CoLoR!

I added a new character that is so colorful he jumps off the page and bites you on the nose! He opens new doors and my imagination soars at the possibilities he creates.  But that’s not all…

I was at the stove stirring my homemade sausage gravy this morning and was nearly knocked over when Dougal shouted at me! “Where the heck is my story?”  Yes dear friends, the Scotsman wants me to get to work because his story must be told! I have it halfway-handwritten and scribbled and tucked away for… well, for when I have time.

Longer days are needed here… and a maid… and someone to finish the construction on my playhouses, write my books, and play with the fairy houses. But first and foremost… take care of my husband. Oh what a puddle I have.

Life has granted me certain talents and responsibilities and I grab them with both hands and hold on. I will not let go, nor am I a shirker. I will fulfill that which I have set before me.

So, dear friends I now have a schedule! My husband will not be neglected, the playhouses are well underway, the books are… WIP‘s and the fairies know I love them too. ‘Tis a fine household we have by golly!

The scratchpad on my side of the bed has a nite-lite and we KEEP MOVING FORWARD! Stories will be told to the best of my ability and all will be well.

Now, I ask that you PLEASE pray for a real job for my Kelyn! That would help immensely… and watch for chapters from my books posted on Facebook

That’s all for now… have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love….

OH, the big question to ask right now… do fairies really live at my house? 🙂


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