Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | January 26, 2012

It’s darn good food!

Here it is folks– the BIG plug for our new Wild Rice business. Affectionately know as… “Mom’s WILD RICE.”

If you look back through my posts you’ll find that more than half of them deal with my husband’s stroke, the dreadful hospital treatment & billing, and my youngest son’s foul treatment at the hands of his “friends” and the Seattle job market. All these are costly and have drained our resources.

Right after Christmas my son Kelyn, was laid off and is once again thrown back into the pit of joblessness. Come on Seattle/Redmond–give him a break! There has got to be a job out there for him… a real job, with real hours and regular paychecks! He truly WANTS TO WORK! If you happen to know of a job, (entry-level, delivery, dishwasher etc.) PLEASE let me know. Thank you!

Our medical bills are staggering. My husband requires special items for his extended recovery (this is the way his life will be) and the hospital and doctors expect to be paid. What insurance covered isn’t enough… they want more. They were paid thousands, and want thousands more. They’re funny that way, but I’m not laughing.

So, there you have it. I mentioned the situation to a friend of ours and he offered us a solution. Wild Rice. He owns the business and we are now affiliates. Yahoo! In other words… we are selling his Wild Rice products on-line and he has graciously offered us all the profits to pay our bills. Thank you Dave!

The problem we face now is getting us “out there!” I created a working website but we are not on the Google index… yet. If you search for Wild Rice you will get 700 choices and none of them ours. I would have to say 1/4 of them don’t have anything to do with wild rice at all… they simply have the word “wild” or “rice” in them. Dang.

Such a magnificent opportunity to help us… and nothing so far! That’s depressing.

As a matter of fact… the rice should sell itself. Have you ever tried wild rice? It has a flavor all its own… is high in protein, low-calorie and contains natural antioxidants. A complete and natural food.

I challenge you to try my “Wild Rice Stir Fry” and not want 10 pounds more! Well… my husband and I love it! πŸ™‚

There you have it… we need your help. In order to get noticed and climb up in the Google ranks we need folks like you to check out our site. Please.

You can “Like” us on Facebook and tweet us to your friends!

Please stop by and say hello. Thank you!

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…


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