Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | February 9, 2012

Clouds go rolling by…

I’m tired.

Perhaps it’s the mid-winter blues that plague me? Not sure.

All I know is that I’m exhausted and need a respite from whatever it is that’s draining me body and spirit.

I am a caregiver. My husband’s stroke forced me to quite my full-time job and retire. He cannot be left alone. I retired on September 1st and have not had a day off since… we are together 24/7.

This is not tough duty – I love my husband dearly – but I need a bit of Marilyn time too. I try to use the early morning hours before he gets up to write, read or simply relax. When he’s up I’m “on duty” and even though he isn’t an invalid… he needs care. I will gladly be there for him.

Compound the health situation with other issues, my son Kelyn’s lack of a job because the Seattle job market sucks, my brother’s foreclosure and his wife’s major illnesses… and I’m stressed. I can’t help anyone–except to pray.

Now, my writing is at a standstill. As a dreamer, a lack of quality sleep deprives me of my muse. I’m floundering without the fresh ideas and scope my dreams provide for me.

So there you have it.  What am I going to do? Continue to be dragged down in the mire of my winter blahs or find a way to pull out of this mess?

When in doubt… nostalgia reigns! I’m having a nostalgic film & song festival! I have a collection of old B&W movies and the music is awesome! I love that old stuff! There’s something uplifting about that simpler time, and the memories.

You know what? The clouds are rolling by, and the air is clear… fresh, like after the storm.

My son still needs a job, Don struggles every day and my brother still has serious issues… but there is hope. Hope, that after the clouds roll by the skies are bright and sunny.

So… here’s to hope… and an old song for you to enjoy!

From Marilyn with love…


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