Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | March 1, 2012

Dance like no one’s watching…

I can’t dance.

Truly… I have 3 left feet. I wish I could dance though, because I dream of being able to soar and swirl as if my feet had wings. Alas, they do not and I clump around clumsily.

When no one is watching I pop in the movie “MAMA MIA” and I dance… I’m the “Dancing Queen! ” I dance until I’m out of breath… or the music stops… and even then, if my feet want to move… I keep dancing! It doesn’t matter how well I dance… only that my heart soars and my feet swirl with a grace and beauty that’s mine alone.

That’s how I describe my life. I dance like no one’s watching. My husband had a stroke… but he’s still with me and we laugh & dance in the midst of daily care issues. My sons are far away & struggling a bit… but they never fail to remember mom, and always tell me they love me. Mady is my angel and muse. Who could ask for more?

You see, I’ve never thought “inside the box” or even close to it! I love to read and imagine I’m right there inside the words… and I write stories that take me far away to lands where trees have “real life” and magic is the norm. Where dreams really do come true.

In my workshop I build fairy houses and quite often imagine myself curled up on one of the tiny beds that I painstakingly create with a soft mattress, fluffy quilt and pillows! Who lives in my homes? Well, you just have to let yourself dream…

Of course my life has been a series of “in the box” experiences… like work… cooking, cleaning and paying bills. But I always told my sons, “It’s not what you do for a living that defines who you are… it’s who you are in your heart.”

I’m a dreamer in full color and proud of it!

I am the treequeen, dancing queen and I dance like no one’s watching! That’s who I am.

In POP GOES WITH WILLIE I let my imagination soar and take Willie on a voyage of discovery. Just when I think I’m well on my way to finishing the book… I have a dream that opens a new dimension for him.

I will finish, and hopefully soon.

So, your assignment for today… dance! Dance like no one’s watching and let your spirit soar!

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…

Dance like no one's watching...



  1. Love this!!

  2. This is such a lovely post. So nice to meet you on Twitter and discover your wonderful blog! But where can I see your fairy houses? They sound delightful. 🙂

  3. Hi, Marilyn, I’m with you on the dancing thing. I’ve always wished I could dance but am a big clunky klutz. I also love to escape through a good book, whether reading one or writing it. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

  4. Oh My! Sometimes I read a blog and I am staggered by how much I have in common with someone else. In this post alone here are the parallels….I can’t dance, love the three left feet remark. I love “Dancing Queen,” loved it even before the movie. I used to clean to it…made the awful chore more bearable. I enjoy writing too. I love fairy houses, have built a couple, will soon build more with my grandsons. I’m glad I found your post when I searched the subject fairy houses. Have a dancing good day! Kathy

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