Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | March 30, 2012

When in doubt… add more wine!

That title says it all!

Today is one of those days when I feel like I’m in a fog. I didn’t sleep well. I’m worried about my sons Kelyn & Tim and the dreary weather certainly doesn’t help either! Sadness prevails in spite of all we’ve tried to accomplish.

On top of everything else… Daylight Savings Time (DST) sucker punched me and left me staggering and I’m still reeling from it. But truly, what’s at the heart of it all… I’m tired. I keep hoping and praying for good news. Dear God please!

My sons are sad. Tim is unhappy and hurt… and Kelyn needs a break – a real job & good news! Both are devastated by their current situations and my heart aches for them! I pray blessings, LOVE-JOY-PEACE- for them throughout the day and into the night…

So why add more wine? I’ve been struggling with my writing too… not a writer’s block, but something far more pronounced and devastating. A lack of initiative and energy due to my physical fatigue that drains my brain of the thought processes necessary to write. Hence, the wine… I poured a glass of wine and spilled it on my desk. Red wine… that soaked all the clutter and forced me to clean it up!

You know what? There was something soothing and cathartic about cleaning up that mess. I also cleaned out the foggy residue that was preventing me from clear thought, along with the wine. When I was finished I checked the laptop to make sure it wasn’t destroyed (or drunk) and it opened to my book. Safe and sound. HOORAY!

Not only was the laptop saved… but so were my post-it notes! My middle-of-the-night-dreamlike thoughts that I jot down quickly so they don’t vanish into nether-lost-memory-regions where all brilliant thoughts disappear never to be heard again! HOORAY!

I’m back on track… at least with my writing. My characters are real to me and I feel like I’ve orphaned Willie again… poor kid. His story needs to be told… then read. He’s a cool kid.

My sons still struggle and so do I, but I’m writing again and this time I will finish and if need be… I’ll add more wine. πŸ™‚

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…



  1. Good morning Marilyn
    I can relate to your post this morning. The fog and clouds have rolled in and it feels like I’m in WA. Guess that’s why I put off moving to Sequim. And the time change has zapped me too. My youngest son can’t find a job either, just wish this economy would improve.
    But as to your wine… My motto

    “Everything happens for a reason”
    So enjoy another glass, maybe you might get to have a sip this time, and keep writing!
    Hugs for a better day.

    • Thank you… I hope and pray the reason makes itself apparent in a wonderful, positive way!

  2. Marilyn -I am so sorry you are facing these challenges. Life often does throw us curve balls just to make sure we are paying attention. May God keep you safe through the struggles and bless you with a miracle that’s waiting to bring you joy! Sharing a glass of wine or three with you. GrandmasDaffodils

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