Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | April 11, 2012

We are the music makers… the dreamers of dreams!

I make my own kind of music. I always have.

When I hear one of the old swing tunes I want to sway to the rhythm and tap my feet to the crazy beat!

Swing music… really Marilyn? Yes, I’m old but not that old… and the truth is, the music stirs something in me I can’t explain. Maybe I’m one of those born in the wrong time… or maybe it’s simply because it’s good music?

I’ll let you in on another secret! I’ve always… always wanted to be a torch singer! You know, the woman who wears a slinky evening gown and sits posed on a piano belting out soulful songs of romance, love and tragedy? I actually have the voice for it… but was never able to find a piano player. I looked too!

The thing is… I believe music-makers and I are kindred spirits. It stands to reason that you must be a dreamer to create such incredible sounds, and a dreamer to put words to the music. 

When you read… do you hear the song of the author? Many in the writing community refer to it as “voice” but I prefer to use song. Does the story flow to a unique rhythm that carries you along? Each author has a song to sing, even if they can’t carry a (musical) tune, their song is the words they write.

For example. You hear a song, and for some unknown reason it sticks with you and you find yourself humming or singing it for hours or even days afterward! That is a love/hate feeling to be sure. There are songs I do NOT want to hear or sing repeatedly! The same is true of a book. If the author’s song sings to you, sticks with you… you can’t put it down and you’re drawn in by their tune. The song will carry you off into their dreamworld where the characters are real and you can actually hear them! I absolutely LOVE it when that happens!

For me, life is music and I hear music everywhere. In the wind, the rustle of leaves, the tapping of an errant foot and even silence has a song all its’ own. It all depends on how you listen… and whether or not you take time to hear the sound life makes.

I love my three sons with every beat of my heart and I can hear, sense and feel the beat of theirs. I know without being told when they hurt or know joy.

On the news a few weeks ago I heard there was an avalanche in Washington state, and I knew Jesse & Corley were on that mountain. It took my breath away… I was terrified… yet I knew his heart still beat. I felt it. It turns out they left early because of the crowds and were safe at home.

There is music in the bond I share with my sons. It may not always be a happy tune… but it is the rhythm of my life.

WE are the music makers…

Dream on oh you dreamers and bless us with song!

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…



  1. Oh, Marilyn, I hear music everywhere too! I pity those who are not attuned to the music in words, in ocean waves, in birdsong, in the wind. They are going through life in 2-D instead of experiencing it to the fullest.

  2. Marilyn, I hear music everywhere too! I pity those who do not hear the joyous music of ocean waves, birdsong, the wind in the trees. They go through life in 2-D rather than experience it in all dimensions.

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