Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | April 23, 2012

Birth of a Tree Queen…

My avatar gets tons of notice, and it should, because it’s cool! But is there a story behind my fixation with trees… and why treequeen?

It’s quite simple, I love trees.

When I was 5,  I “walked” to school with the bully from across the street… Danny E. He was bribed to escort me, and wasn’t all that thrilled because I was a silly & painfully shy girl. I mean PAINFULLY shy… jump at my own shadow kind of “scaredy-cat.”

Danny was a tormenter… the kind of kid that would throw rocks at squirrels & hide to see what my reaction would be when suddenly left alone on the sidewalk. It was awful! He was a “meanie!” Even if I was a “lolly-gagger” it wasn’t nice of him to leave me behind.

But you know what? There was an upside to my torment, because the best part of growing up in residential south Minneapolis were the tree-lined boulevards. Gigantic elms were abundant in our part of the city, and it was then I discovered my affection for trees… and that I could fight back.

An unusually cathartic feeling swept over me every time I leaned against a tree. It was as if they were friends & by way of energy transference, endowed me with their peace. I felt it as a 5 year old, and still do. But walking to school with Danny, the tree destroyer, brought out a side of me that I’ve come to know as “she-bear syndrome.”

It was a snowy day that ended my “walk-along” with Danny. He must have known my affection for trees because he chose to put it to the test and bombarded the tree outside our house with snowballs. I mean he was mercilessly throwing hard icy snowballs at my favorite tree.

I was devastated! I couldn’t move, my heart dropped to my stomach & I wanted to puke. Instead, I shouted, “STOP, you’re hurting it!” and giant crocodile tears coursed down my cheeks with deep racking sobs.

What did Danny do? He laughed… called me a “cry-baby” and shoved me into a snow bank.

That was the last straw. Soaked to the skin, cold and really pissed off I rolled out of the snow bank and kicked him. Hard. Not just once… but I kept on kicking him until he cried and then I ran home terrified of retribution.

There were other traumas that year (kindergarten) but this one started something. A shy girl discovered courage that day. After that my school work and notebooks were covered with drawings of my friends, the trees… and to this day I draw trees on just about anything I can.

Trees like people come in all shapes and sizes. I can’t name them all… but I appreciate them like the people I know. Their color, texture and form is varied and limitless. They dance in the wind and drink in the rain. They house us, keep us cool in their shade and shed their leaves so we can play. I love trees.

Treequeen is an “honorary” title… but it fits. My books extol the virtues of trees and they are vital to the story-line. The fairy houses are my way of sharing the beauty I see in their form. It’s my way of giving back for all the joy they’ve brought me over the years.

Yep… pretty cool!

So, there you have it. Nothing earth-shattering… I simply love trees. Take time to look at the trees and be sure to look up! There’s a world of wonder to behold!

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…

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  1. I love this, Marilyn. Totally insightful and triumphant. Did you ever see A Christmas Story when the bully finally pushes Ralphy too far? Danny “getting his” reminds me of that scene. Bet Danny remembers it as clearly as you do.:)

  2. Love the tree…great picture…great blog post.

  3. Please don’t think I’m a wuss, but I almost cried when you described your love for trees. Silly huh? I love them too!! I’m a self-proclaimed tree-hugger. If I had my way, every inch of our property that isn’t taken up by our house & pond would have a tree. I’m glad you received the strength of oak to put Danny in his place that day! Thanks a bunch for sharing your passion & this article :-)) Happy Wedneday to you, Marilyn!

  4. Nearly every evening after dinner, with my tea cup in hand, my husband and I stroll the yard, talking to our trees. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  5. A nice little coming of age story Marilyn. I hope all bullies get brought down the same way. I wonder i he ever told anyone he was crying because a little girl had beaten him up.
    Glad to see there’s a tree loving population out there. We need trees back even more badly than we need to cut them down since they are the lungs of Mother Earth as well as being beautiful sentinels of her strength.
    A pleasure to read your whimsy, keep it up.

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