Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | May 6, 2012

Fairy Tales and Dreams… they do come true!

I just finished my first fairy cottage playhouse!

Not all that unusual for the creator of miniature fairy tree-houses. As a matter of fact 78 of my homes are scattered around the world. But this is the first full-size version of one of my homes and I must say it is utterly delightful! Words truly can’t describe this house… seeing is believing.

The dream became reality as I sat beside my husband’s hospital bed (the last stroke he will ever have) in that mystical world between awake & asleep. The place where fairy tales live and dreams breathe. So began this journey.

I knew of course the first full-size fairy dream house would be for Mady (granddaughter), just like the first miniature was hers. She’s my angel… and maybe a little spoiled. But that’s what grammas do.

I pulled out my notebook and began making a list of all the trademark features that could be adapted to the larger version. The rope walkway & window awnings, twig (log) furniture and lots of lights. Then came the sketch.

I have this uncanny ability to create & construct in my mind… piece by piece, in color and I can visualize exactly how it all fits into place. The trouble is that I can’t flash it on a screen or take a snapshot of it to show others. My husband, bless his heart has learned to trust me on this… but I drew it up anyway.

As soon as Mady saw the frame built with windows, she was off & running with ideas of her own. We added the skylight, off-set windows, steps in front, checkerboard floor and the little black stove. I changed the roof-line too.

This house is solid enough to live in, complete with (safe) electrical wiring, up on heavy-duty wheels for ease of movement and made for the young at heart!

It sits in our front yard and draws tons of attention, and hopefully we’ll have orders to build 2-3 more this summer. We’d love to build a castle! Can you imagine? I sure can… maybe I should draw it up?

Yesterday, I decided to make myself at home. A cozy fire, soft pillows on the chair and my laptop were a perfect setting to get back to writing… and the words flowed.

I can’t begin to describe the peace, love & joy I feel in this little house. It’s magical.

Fairy Tales & Dreams do come true… just believe.

From our house to yours… have a wonderful day!

With love from Marilyn…

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  1. That’s beautiful!

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