Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | May 17, 2012

Does the phoenix really rise from the ashes?

In case you hadn’t already heard… our garage, greenhouse & workshop burned down… and we were NOT seriously HURT! Don has 2nd degree burns on his head, but they will heal.

Thankfully our house was spared. That is an awesome, HUGE and a magnificent blessing… but on the other hand we lost the fairy treehouse shop. Three miniature homes and all the fol-de-ral and fiddle-dee-dee stuff that was the backbone of my work. Gone. Up in smoke and now a pile of ash.

Our greenhouse was not only home to the fairy tree-house shop, it was  a wonderful sunny respite full of trees, roses and green plants. A place to soak up the fragrance of nature on a cloudy dreary day.

I sat on the grass across the street, let the fire officials work… and I cried. My heart was breaking and I sobbed. Years of work reduced to ashes.

Then came the gawkers. A steady stream of vehicles drove by, drawn by our misfortune and the excitement it brought to our little town. I’m sorry… I don’t get it.  I would never purposely drive out of my way to look at the devastation wreaked on another human being.  Cruel and stupid.

What now?

The claims adjuster was here and we will get a new garage & greenhouse! Good news there! We need to list all the personal items lost in the fire… and not sure yet what happens there. Will they pay us for the loss? Do we settle for what we can get? Therein lies my concern… we don’t have extra to cover it. Don’s stroke wiped us out. Now what?

On Friday morning before the fire a wonderful customer of mine ordered a Hobbit House. A full-size playhouse and she still wants it in spite of the mess… she’s just glad we’re okay.

I am making lists on official insurance forms for a huge chunk of our life. I was so proud of our accomplishments and that has been another source of my tears. I weep for what was destroyed… work of our hands, dreams that came true.

Well… enough of that! Time to move on… and let the phoenix rise from the ashes! Was my shop wonderful? Absolutely, and it will be again. You see, I have a new idea… a new dream… a new vision. A NEW line of fairy houses!

What? No clues?

Okay… FAIRY DREAM CASTLES! Miniature outdoor-lighted-castles that will take your breath away!! Perfect for the enchanted garden and ready to move into for any wee-folk hanging about. I see them. I can build them… and I will. If you could see what I see… you’d be pleased too!

There will be a HOBBIT HOUSE or two in the future and perhaps the full-size castle too! Not only will the phoenix rise from the ashes of our workshop… she will soar!

Have a wonderful day dear friends!

From Marilyn with love…

PS: Please visit our websites… especially the rice site. We need to sell some rice please and your visit will help move us up in the Google ranks!


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