Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | July 18, 2012

EVERWUD… dream on dreamers. It’s coming soon!

EVERWUD. Land of magic and dreams… and it exists solely in my imagination!

You won’t find Everwud on this map of famous imaginary places. However, it is as green and lush as the Shire, as seaworthy & magical as Earth-Sea, and home to a portal that opens in my backyard.

Furthermore, a captivating magical presence resides in Everwud… Grandfather Javor, the Magia. His power is from the earth and the tree of his birth.

You see… the residents of Everwud are wood elves. Each soul is born in the hollow of their ancestral tree. From lush forests of Maple and Oak, to wind-swept Juniper plains, up vast rivers lined with Elms that run along Evergreen hills… these stewards consider it a sacred duty to preserve the arbor for all generations.

Magic is also commonplace and time passes slowly in Everwud. It is measured and chronicled in tree rings, then read and interpreted by the Magia. He alone has the power to translate the language of ancient Vecny and the public listens as the voice of ages speaks through him.

Javor’s magic is pure, potent, compelling… and his spells encompass more than the simple life of this realm. His boundless power reaches through the portal into the human world and he alone is to blame for his granddaughter’s misery. Her tears forever crush his heart since it was he who opened the portal for her. It was to be a brief sojourn, a respite to help her recover from the loss of her parents. Instead it opened wounds that will never heal.

Aerarm Hrozivy, whose powers are black as the moonless night of Mesiac is without soul. He brought her back. An enforcer who currently sits at the right hand of the high council simply to do their evil bidding. That they allow such a creature in this exulted place is proof of their depravity. The old regime would never tolerate such infamy in their presence

Eilorei whose spirit is as pure as the springs of Ciry, suffers deeply at the hands of the vile brute. Tormented by its very existence, the memory of her return and the child she left behind has left her devastated… a shadow of her former self. On her return she was dragged before the council, judged for a transgression she did not commit, and left to rot in exile without her William.

However, Javor is no fool. When the council needed Elorei’s special gift & discovered she was gone… he knew they would evoke a tired-old-invocation to bring her back. He was ready for them… when they sent the Aerarm he sent Vratnik.

So, dream on you dreamers. If you want to know what happens… let me get back to work and finish the book!

EVERWUD A Tree, A Boy & A Dog … will be available (hopefully) September 2012!

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…


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