Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | August 21, 2012

Frayed edges and a tattered red robe…

Here we are again… another weird title.

Knowing me, as I’m sure you all do by now there’s hidden meaning in the words “Frayed edges.” The red robe is as always, my comfy writing robe.

Exactly, what frayed edges am I referring to? Those on my robe are frayed from use-abuse-washing-drying and age. But I’m talking about the frayed edges of life. Careless, callous and thoughtless words, harsh actions, betrayals, lies and any emotional or physical pain inflicted on another human being… with or without malice.

Yesterday, Mady removed a small piece of plastic from an area I was painting and I jumped on her. I was mortified that I was shrewish to her for something so damn stupid. Plastic sheeting is not worth her hurt! Never, not ever, not in a million years is her pain acceptable for something that stupid.

THAT is a frayed edge.

With all the stress heaped on me lately, my fuse is short. REAL short… and I say what I think or feel without weighing the consequences. The only positive side to that, is that I also realize what I’ve done and quickly offer a sincere apology. That foot that seems to be regularly sticking out of my mouth, is not appetizing.

What’s worse is the person who receives most of my angst is the one person who deserves it least… my husband. After all that he’s been through in the last year, I should keep my mouth shut and stuff it!Β  But I don’t, and if I do manage to contain my ire, it comes out like a volcano later. I’m forever apologizing.

What can I do with all this frustration, and how do I prevent more frayed edges?

I walk away. I take a breather.

There is a hideaway in my front yard. I hide in a fairy cottage playhouse and let magic and enchantment wash over me. I take a break from life, frustration and turmoil. It’s only a quick, temporary fix… but it helps tremendously to regroup and put life in a positive light.

I reflect on the good in my life. My husband is still with me, my sons and granddaughter are healthy and I can still create. There is more for me than against me… and I’m blessed.

The fact is, there will always be frayed edges in life, that’s just the way it is.

The solution? Never let them unravel. Kind words of apology, loving words will mend that frayed edge.

Well folks have a super day… and keep your edges neat!

From Marilyn with love…

(Yes, I’m writing this in my tattered red robe!)



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