Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | February 10, 2013

Suck it up… NOT good advice.

I’m so tired of the phrase “suck it up” I want to puke.

To say that to someone who has been crushed, kicked in the ass repeatedly by external forces BEYOND their control, delivered blow after blow until they are bleeding from gaping holes in their spirit, and whose self esteem is totally destroyed… well, it is a deadly phrase. For a parent to say “suck it up” to their child in this condition is, in my opinion a truly heinous crime, tantamount to murder.

When this same parent has been informed and is in the know and says “suck it up” anyway– and won’t help– that is selfish beyond belief, and I’m so glad I divorced him! What a creep!

There is definitely a time and a place to say suck it up. When faced with a frosty mug of beer, or a thick chocolate milk shake, then it is totally appropriate. If someone is whining about the wrong kind of topping on their pizza then yes, just suck it up buddy, and eat the damn thing.

When someone is so low they can’t get out of bed, when they truly wanted the world to end on 12-21-2012, that is NOT the time to say it! That is when listening is vital and reaching out… offering a hand up is the appropriate action.

To say “stand on your own two feet” to a depressed person without all the facts; when those feet will buckle fbekindrom depression… well, that in my opinion is cold and callous, and I’d like to check the sadist for a pulse.

Yep… I’m pissed.

Rather than sock a depressed person in the stomach, offer them encouragement. Emphasize the positive and share good news. They have dreams and feelings too.


Hug them, and let them know you truly care. That is what they need.

NOT suck it up.

NOT save up & pull yourself out of this while I do nothing.

They may be an angel on earth waiting for someone to reach out.

From Marilyn with LOVE…



  1. once-upon-a-time girlfriend used that one on me once. once. 😉

  2. i love this! thanks for sharing^^

  3. So true! Well said! People need to hear this! I feel better already knowing someone else understands! That’s how it works! Thanks! 🙂

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