Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | February 26, 2013

A tattered red robe and purple dreams…

As I look out the porch window in my tattered red robe, a hot cup of coffee in my hand… I shiver.  Snow, that has totally buried our garden, glistens in the early morning sun. Snow that is 2+ feet deep and will probably still be here in July!allium Just kidding… sort of.

I’m sure  the snow will melt long before then… but on a day like today…  it feels like SPRING is a very long way off. I dream of bright purple flowers, and the sweet fragrance of lilacs that fills the air and chases away the gloom of winter.

Don and I will be selling our house (fingers crossed & prayers said) as soon as possible, to get out from under our suffocating debt. Debt which is the result of life’s fickle sense of drama… totally without humor.

When I think of parting with the magnificent garden we created out of the mess we found when we bought this house… I could cry. Blood, sweat, backaches and LOVE went into our garden. I say blood becgardenbeginsause Don cut his knee the first week we were digging, the yard is blessed with his blood… and he even had stitches.

What a mess… right? This is the back of the house and the poles sticking up are from a chain link fence that had 5 gates. How dumb!

We sat out in the middle of the yard on a rickety old bench the former owners left us, with a sketchbook and drew up a plan. Then we got to work.


After that first summer of back breaking work… this is what we accomplished.

Can you imagine how utterly satisfying it was to sit in our new garden? It was breathtaking… magical… peaceful.


The next summer we added a pond, a new fence…

and a new vegetable garden.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAWhat could we possibly add after all this?

After much deliberation and a few strained discussions… we decided!

We needed…

Our very own greenhouse! Now, it may not look like much, but Don and I built this after he had his second stroke. This was a work of LOVE for us after such a devastating experience. But we did it! What a JOY it was to sit in the warm sun, in the frigid cold of a miserable Minnesota winter!


Then on May 11th… the fire. But not today. No, I will not allow thoughts of those hideous moments when our world went up in smoke.

Because… the snow is melting today… it’s warm and I may venture out to our new greenhouse. Not the one we built, and not even as nice… but it will do.

I am dreaming of bright purple flowers! I smell the heady fragrance of roses, and the heliotrope in the flower boxes. Purple heliotrope.

Don is snoring in his chair… he is still with me. No stroke or fire could take him from me.

He is my LOVE, my soul-mate…  and whatever comes our way, we will be together.

Wherever we live we will have a garden.

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…



  1. Beautiful!

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