Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | March 12, 2013

A blueberry crumble kind of day…

With the recent dump of snow on us… yes, dear friends, the winter blues are back!daffodils

There is close to 3 feet of snow on the ground and quite frankly I am truly tired of the white stuff. Yes, it is beautiful. But after 4 months of the frozen crystals everywhere, I’m ready to say enough! I need SPRING! I need WARM SUNSHINE! Melt the mountain of snow and give me green grass and daffodils!

With the whole winter blues thing comes the inevitable drop in self-esteem and confidence. Bills go up (heating costs) and income doesn’t. What a dilemma to have at a time when a trip to the tropics would be ideal!

The visions I had of my retirement included tropical beaches, sunny markets in colorful ports, and the time to follow my dreams. I had colossal colorful dreams of writing when I wanted to, and wonderful carefree days spent in my fairy treehouse workshop.

Enter LIFE.

I won’t go into the whole fire episode again… it was devastating, and that is enough of that. Other stuff has hit us hard too.  Death in the family,  unexpected losses of income, higher bills and no work to be found. I had work lined up to carry us through the winter and it fell through.

Then I thought maybe the rice business will help. Nothing. I thought the playhouse would sell because  it is beyond enchanting… but no. It is now buried in snow.

EVERWUD3Finally I thought my book would help, at least enough to buy groceries… but no.

Enter self-doubt!

I have been down… dragging my chin on the ground. Wondering if I have any talent at all!

But, I have dear friends who wrote marvelous and uplifting reviews of EVERWUD, and I don’t think I would have made it through some of the dreary days without their loyal support and friendship.

Take a bow my friends… you ROCK!  O.G. & M.G… I love you!

Then I go out to the greenhouse and workshop… still frozen, buried in snow drifts and touch my wonderful magical houses. I look at shelves with beautiful fairies and dragons waiting for homes, and it makes my heart glad.

I have talent. I create magical and truly enchanting fairy tree houses! No one else makes houses like I do. No one.

I am the treequeen. When the snow melts… I will be back in the shop again.

For now, I will let my dreams take me to the realm of EVERWUD because it is truly a wonderful place to be… and a blueberry_crumblewicecreamstory that deserves telling. My characters are screaming at me!

Today I will write.

Today I will make a blueberry crumble and enjoy each delectable bite! After all, blueberries are healthy… right? hehe

Let the cold winds blow, and the snow fall, because today is a blueberry crumble kind of day…

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…



  1. That blueberry crumble looks good enough to inhale through my computer monitor!!!!! Have a marvelous day!!!!

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