Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | April 6, 2013

Who the heck is the treequeen?

My bio blip says it all… right?

MARILYN DIECKMANNtreequeen-me  @treequeen

A dreamer-in full color, wife, mom, grandma & creator of fine fairy treehouses. Reading is my delight & writing an expression of my dreams. Author of EVERWUD.


1.) I LOVE sweet potatoes!  *hehe*  I’ve been known to bake them, and have a SP feast with butter drizzled on top. YUM!!!  Sorry Jan.

2.) Another odd bit of info about me… I come from a long line of gypsies, and my great-grandmother Anna was a bit of a gad-a-bout. She gave birth to 4 children out-of-wedlock. Not a big deal today, but 100 years ago it was HUGE! I’ve been told greatgram2I have ‘the look’ whatever that is.

This is a photo of her (she is the tall woman on the right) with 2 of her children (Anna & Andrew). My grandmother was Mary… and I have her nose.mygrammaMary She was a beautiful loving woman, and I’m proud of my old Slovak heritage.

3.) I absolutely LOVE Christmas! Better yet… Don LOVES Christmas as much as I do, and we make it a year-around celebration. Our home is festive with colorful garlands and angels everywhere!

The highlight of our festivities centers around my Christmas baking tradition which began in 1973. Colorful plates of cookies were given instead of gifts. In 1983 I decided to save the lists, and they are now cherished memories of years past. I take them out every year just for the fun of it. I’ve written countless posts about my sons Kelyn, Tim and Jesse. They are the beat of my heart & I was truly meant to be a mom.  It was the birth of Jesse that started the cookie tradition. We keep the season well.

4.) I LOVE ships, maps and globes! I have 26 ship models, maps of all shapes and sizes, and 7 globes. We add to the collection every chance we get, and I would love to run away to sea. Something about the ocean calls to me…

5.) When I was 19, I was a folk singer. Yes, I even sang in a coffee-house called the Broken Drum. (Bob Dylan even stopped by!) However, my greatest audience was on the nursing home circuit. I was a nurses aide, and the residents were desperately sad and lonely… no one cared, and  my heart cried for them. So, on my days off I would pack up my guitar and serenade anyone who wanted to listen. Word spread quickly and I had more ‘gigs’ than I could handle.

6.) Another dream of mine was to be a ‘torch singer!’ You know, the woman in the slinky dress who sits on a piano and belts out those absolutely wonderful old songs of love? Well, bet you didn’t know it but…  I DO have the voice and still sing every chance I get. I do a marvelous rendition of ‘The Man I Love’ and of course… ‘Ten Cents A Dance’.  Those were songs with feeling! (Ella Fitzgerald version)

7.) I don’t have an athletic bone in my body. I have a TON of creative bones… but NO athlete here! Enough said.

          8.) I hate milk. Not just a little… I abhor it… makes me gag. I barfed all over my kindergarten teacher when she made me drink it… haha! That episode is what started 12+ long years of an overwhelming hatred for school. However, I loved the university. Go figure. I excelled and graduated cum laude.
          9.) I hate school, therefore I became a school teacher. Holy cow!!! What was I thinking? The truth is, I wanted to be the teacher I never had… the teacher who actually cared whether the students ‘got it’ or not. The teacher who TAUGHT!
          10.) I dream all day long. I can build an entire structure in my mind without touching pencil to paper, fingers to keyboard or anything else. There are no limits to my thoughts. Hooray!
There you have it… and I saved the best for last.
My epitaph will read, she LOVED her family well.
Have a wonderful day!
From Marilyn with love…


  1. Marilyn, you’re right…I didn’t know this stuff!! Incredible stuff!! Love that you sing and keep Christmas alive all year long! Didn’t know about your love for maps and ships. And I certainly didn’t know you were a teacher 🙂 You’re an incredible woman!! ~ Jan

  2. Thank you Jan! 🙂

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