Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | May 29, 2013

Dancing in a tattered red robe…

danceI’m wearing my tattered red robe as I write this. It’s well-worn and comfy… and it’s SO me.

There are countless days I would love to stay in my old robe… not get dressed and simply lounge around. But, life won’t allow me that bit of luxury… I am a caregiver. This is a role I take seriously. Don is my love, and I will never leave him alone.

At our holiday BBQ a few days ago, a dear friend looked at me and said, “You’ve got your hands full! You look exhausted.” My reply to her, “Yes, I know. I’m drowning in it.”

There are days when I feel like wrapping up in my robe, and hiding in my own personal protective cocoon. Days when I look in the mirror and see lines of fatigue etched around my eyes, and a mouth that droops when it should smile. Where did ‘I’ go? The Marilyn who has twinkling hazel eyes and a warm smile? When was she replaced with the tired old woman in the mirror?

Well, she isn’t gone. She’s still in there, and her heart still beats to its own quirky rhythm. Dance lady, DANCE!

I go outside with the dogs in my tattered red robe and fuzzy pink slippers, and I really don’t care what the neighbors think. I’m ME! Deal with it! Dance lady, DANCE!

I make fairy houses! Do you know how many people look at me like I’m nuts when I tell them about my houses? Well, they shut their stupid mouths when they see one of my spectacular creations! Dance lady, DANCE!

I wrote a book about a kid who is half wood elf!  EVERWUD!EVERWUD3

My favorite lines in the book… I could tell Miss April-Mae my real name is Jacobson, but then I’d have to tell her the whole story. You know, the one where my mom is a wood elf, my dad was the son of the Jacobson’s, and I know all this because my talking dog heard it from a tree. I better keep that to myself.” 

What a cool kid!  Dance lady, DANCE!

Don and I are opening a gift shop/teahouse in our greenhouse. We’re doing this with no money to spare… simply a boatload of creative talent and motivation. TREE QUEEN TEAHOUSE & GIFTS will open when we get it done. Dance lady, DANCE!

It doesn’t matter what I see when I look in the mirror, because those tired eyes and droops are proof that I’ve LIVED! And I’m LOVED!

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…



  1. Awesome…dance lady dance! Your tearoom sounds delightful…wish I was closer so I could visit!

  2. too true!

  3. Yes, lets dance 🙂

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