Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | June 25, 2013

Tattered red robe and broken… !

I’m writing in my tattered red robe, with a headache, sitting in my broken chair, trying to see through the broken screen on my laptop. Yep, tattered and broken… that’s me!

Minnesota weather is living up to it’s fickle and untrustworthy reputation! My body literally purple benchscreams when the barometer whips and spins about.

HELP! I need purple wishes and dreams to come true! A miracle would be nice… but what I truly need is good news.

The list of broken ‘things’ grows. One of the brand new roof panels put up by the ‘crooked’ contractor popped and broke. I told him what to watch for… but hey, I’m just a woman. I don’t know about such things.

Although, I can build a fairy cottage playhouse…

An author friend of mine (Dionne Lister) wrote a post about ‘stingy’ people who disregard hard work to save a bit of change. That’s basically what it amounts to! In today’s economy, the cost of an e-book is inexpensive when compared to a latte!

Here’s a link to her book… SHADOWS OF THE REALM check it out!

I’m currently reading Shadows of the Realm… along with 4 other books. (THE PRIEST by Monica LaPorta, CURBCHEK by ZachFortier,  BONE DRESSING – DREAMING by Michelle I. Brooks, WICKED SINNERS by Charity Parkerson). I’m a multi-task aficionado and reader, and would NEVER consider returning an e-book. (I will say, I’ve read some books that should be thoroughly re-done. But no list will be given.) I read multiple genres at a time… because my life is complicated. I also have a ton of reviews to write and 400 books on my Kindle! Sheesh!

The fact that someone can return a book AFTER they’ve read it is so totally broken, it makes me want to scream! Would you return a pizza after you ate it? What fools!

As for our greenhouse roof… I’d love to take that panel and shove it… along with all the shoddy workmanship, up his you-know-what!

Take a deep breath Marilyn and keep moving forward. *sigh* My wonderful husband just told me he LOVES me!  ❤❤❤

So where is the good news going to come from? I don’t know.

Book sales are dismal… but I keep writing.

Bills pile in and suffocate us… I pay the best I can.

I need a significant amount to help my son… I’m trying and I pray for a miracle. EVERWUD3

The weight of LIFE is heavy and there are days I want to stay in my tattered red robe and hide. But I don’t! I get up and keep moving forward…

That’s all any of us can do.

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…

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  1. I’m into Faeries and love the book by Brian Froud and Alan Lee. Also, Faeries play a small role in my first novel.Looking forward to giving your book a try.

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