Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | August 17, 2013

Life is just…


This is a favorite illustration of mine by the talented Mary Engelbreit. I buy her calendars every year, and I’m never ever disappointed. It’s like she ‘knows’ what I need at precisely the time I need it.

The truth is… I’ve stacked way too many bowls in my chair! There is more ‘to do’ and not enough of ‘me’ to do it.  Add my sweetie’s health and care to this, and I’m ready to shove the bowls off the chair and collapse. Don comes first, always!!! The rest is just my over-creative self screaming for expression.

Where is the balance?

Don is my LOVE, my best friend and my soul-mate.  We think alike, and usually at the same time! The problem is… my creative expressions don’t include him and that’s just not fair. Hence, the gift shop idea.

We are slowly, (as we can afford it) setting up a gift shop in our greenhouse. The fire that destroyed our garage/greenhouse/porch and stole spring/summer/fall from us last year, also destroyed us financially. But, we keep moving forward. Miracles do happen and I believe ours is on the way!

new workbenchThe best part of all this?

We’re doing the whole thing… TOGETHER!

He’s proud of my fairy houses and shares my vision for them! I mix and pour soap and candles and he’s my ‘sniff’ tester. We rebuilt the workshop to include a cozy corner for him…  he’s right there alongside me.

I design and WE build… he’s my inspiration.

Yes, I believe in miracles… Don is still with me after 2 strokes and look what we can don on patioaccomplish!

So my friends…

Dream BIG!

NEVER let HOPE fade!


And LOVE with all your HEART!

Balance is there.

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…

Coming soon! TreeQueen Tea & Gifts with online sales at…



  1. Very powerful piece here Marilyn……it’s true keep believing and anything is possible 👍

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