Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | February 18, 2014

When time zooms by…

Since I  retired, weeks zoom by. Seriously.

On a daily basis I stop to wonder… when exactly, did I get this old? Where did all the time go?

Today is Tuesday… but tomorrow will be Friday in the blink of an eye! When I worked full time, the weeks would drag and the weekends would zoom by.

Raise your hand if you agree!

I was told when I retired… be sure to keep busy. Find a hobby, volunteer or get a part time job. The truth is, I went a little overboard on that bit of advice, and now I would LOVE a day off!

I’ve written 2 novels & working on the 3rd in the series, created 11 fairy homes (3 lost in the fire – another story), rewriting an 80,000+ snow2-14word young adult novel, and I care for my husband.

On top of that … it’s winter and we are buried in snow. In summer we have a spectacular garden and I miss the magic.

But, our home is cozy. Even if the snow and sub-zero cold  forces us indoors… we have plenty to keep us busy!

hdchbig4I believe my latest treehouse HICKORY DICKORY CLOCK HOUSE is a work of art. It took well over 120 hours to create and that doesn’t include the hours spent pondering all the possibilities for this piece. It began last summer and grew. As an idea was born and a twig or branch found… it was carefully added. I’ve had countless folks admire my work, and in the next breath tell me they will make their own for a beloved child or friend. Good luck… is all I have to say to them.

My first complete treehouse took forever to make and the first two carving attempts ended up in the woodpile. Now, after 7 years of trial and error and 90+ fairy houses… I’m good at what I do.

Our retirement is more than just passing time… it’s together time. Don and I do everything together. I may do the actual ‘creating’ but nothing is possible without him. He cuts out the wood pieces and beams with pride at what I make from a chuck of wood, and he feeds me ideas for the books. Every word I write is bounced between us and read out loud.

The minutes, hours and days may zoom by… and the years have not been kind.

But we’re together.

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…


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