Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | May 21, 2014

Don’t get a splinter up your…

I’m going to write something new…  a political commentary.

First of all… I’m not left or right or on the fence. Sitting on the fence you’re sure to get a splinter up your ass! I am however, an American. I think there are fools, thieves and idiots on both sides of the fence and too many folks with splinters up their butts on the fence who don’t vote!

american-flag (2)YES, I vote! However, I will not vote a party candidate… I WILL vote for whoever makes the most sense to me as an American. To follow a party is to place limits on your constitutional right to choose the best ‘person’ for the job. My ballot, when I vote, is always a hunt and peck ordeal. I CHOOSE to vote for the best candidate in my opinion who shares my view.

Way too many people vote a party ballot… they just go down the list and check all the boxes for the party without even considering issues or point of view.


The truth is… the voting system is SO far from perfect I doubt we will ever attain a reasonable facsimile thereof. We the people don’t really have a say in the matter anyway… but we should still vote.

One of the biggest issues in the political arena is healthcare. Where in the constitution does it say every American must have healthcare or pay a penalty if they don’t? It doesn’t.

The reason healthcare is a necessary evil is because of cheating giants like Sanford! They deliver poor service and rob you blind with excessive charges! Ask me about the day I died and was NOT told about the botched procedure before I signed the waiver!!! Sanford Medical was paid over $6000 for that mess, and I’m still paying my share of the bill. I feel violated and cheated… now the government is doing the same.We-the-People

Yep, I’m upset. Affordable healthcare is absolutely what we the people need! IF the government wants to help… then the CHARGES FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT must be governed and STOP penalizing those who need it!

We paid HUNDREDS of dollars in medical premiums only to be BILLED hundreds more for treatment received! What did we pay for?

In less than 3 months I’ll finally have medicare and then I can get a few things taken care of. I’ve been without coverage for 3 years since I retired. Don had another stroke and retirement was necessary. He has medicare already and we know from experience, it’s not a picnic either. We”re drowning in medical bills…

What’s the answer? I guess we need to take a look at countries who don’t allow their citizens to be reamed for their healthcare. This includes DENTAL & OPTICAL too! Dentists charge outrageous fees and they get away with it!

Time to wake up!  The powers that be need to DO THEIR HOMEWORK before they make us pay even more!

No splinters here… I know exactly where I stand and I’m tired of the whole mess.

I’m done.

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…




  1. Finally, someone who says something sensible from a real person’s point of view. Just a question: which countries’ health-care models do you think the US should look at?

    • Thank you Scott… I live 80 miles from Canada and I’ve heard your system isn’t perfect, but it makes sense to at least consider your form of healthcare. Also Sweden is known for quality healthcare but they struggle too.
      Not sure what the answer is… but what we have in the US truly sucks.

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