Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | June 9, 2014

Starting today… at this moment…

Change is tough. Even more so the older you get… I know. I’m coming up hard and fast on 65 and it’s a strange feeling to know I actually made it this long.

More times than I care to remember, I promised myself that I wouldn’t allow age to take its toll on me. I vowed that I would be financially stable, trim (menopause is lethal), and Lifeenergetic.

I’m here to tell you now that I LIED to myself!

LIFE has a way of getting in the way and it doesn’t care what kind of plans you make.

I found the man of my dreams, my soul-mate at age 52 and LIFE has not been kind to us. Well, in truth… it hasn’t been totally awful, but it’s been tough. My sweetie has had 2 strokes and God decided to bring us together for just that reason… I listen. I have a weird sense of intuition and ‘know’ when stuff happens to those I LOVE. Don would not be with me today if not for that voice screaming in my head… GO NOW!  Thank God I did!

In 12 years we’ve taken wonderful vacations, opened a TOTALLY unique gift shop (& closed it), remodeled an old house, created 90+ miniature fairy treehouses, written 3 novels, built an amazing magical & enchanting playhouse… and we are still moving forward. LIFE.

YeDon&Is, we are struggling financially, and menopause hit me way too hard, and there are too many days we get nothing done… but we still have each other and that my friends… is EVERYTHING!

Starting today…  doesn’t matter anymore. Let LIFE do what it wants. We’ll deal with it together.


We have LOVE! ★¸.•´¯`★ ❤ ★¸.•´¯`★

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with LOVE…kitchenmagic


PS ~ I’m writing a cookbook. By special request, it’s a collection of my recipes so they won’t be lost.

★¸.•´¯`★ ❤ ★¸.•´¯`★




  1. It’s hard to remember to enjoy life when tings keep getting thrown in our way, but it sounds like you have a great positive attitude! 🙂

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