Retired… wife, mother, and grandmother.
My husband and I met on-line, and we are definitely one of the success stories.  I met the perfect man (for me) when I was 52, and my only comment on that is… “About time!”
We’ve had many amazing adventures together; we’ve traveled, opened (and closed) a totally awesome gift shop, nursed him to recovery after 2 strokes, renovated an old house, created over 77 fairy tree houses, and written 2 fantasy novels with plans for 4 more.  That’s a lot to pack in 10 years… and we are both 62… and there are more adventures to come!

My sons are without a doubt the true success of my life.  They always… always tell me they love me and never forget my hug, no matter where we are.  Love like that is infinitely precious… they are my gems.
Jesse is a game artist in Seattle and recently started at MS, Tim is a plumber and lives nearby in Red Lake Falls, and Kelyn just moved to Seattle and hopes to be in the game business very soon.
Tim blessed me with my only granddaughter…  Mady.  She’s my angel and the reason I became the “treequeen,” maker of fine fairy tree houses… she received my first house.
So, who am I?  I’m an educated, creative, innovative, fun-loving, gypsy who deeply loves her family.
Stay tuned, I will share more as we go.
Have a great day!


  1. i am inspired 🙂

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