Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | January 30, 2015

AFFORDABLE CARE? No such thing…


Now that I’ve got that emotional outburst out of the way I can continue with my topic. There is absolutely no such thing as affordable health care! NO where… NO how!

The poor have always had options… I know, I’ve been there. The rich don’t need them, they can afford exorbitant health care costs and probably get a break or tax right off. BUT, those of us in the middle get the shaft every damn time! Those of us in the middle get reamed by income taxes and NOW the idiots in government are going to gouge us even more with a damn penalty for not paying OUTLANDISH premiums to get garbage coverage and deductibles that take your breath away.

Example. A young man, works hard, pays all his own bills. NO two income family and his premium is $147 a month (with the so-called tax break) and a $4000 deductible. That is… $1764 a year for nothing, because he has to pay $4000 before he gets any coverage!! THERE IS THE CRIME FOLKS! He will have coverage after he pays $5764 out of pocket. He is healthy, works hard and is getting totally screwed by the system!!! WHY?

Because if he doesn’t pay for this outrageous garbage, he will have to pay a TAX PENALTY!

Because Obama thinks we all need to have coverage that is NOT AFFORDABLE!

Well, Obama YOU PAY FOR IT!

Another example. My husband and I have medicare and it costs us $104.90 EACH a month. But, medicare doesn’t cover all the expenses… so we also pay for a supplement which is $109 EACH a month. AND because neither of these cover medications, we pay for prescription plans. $453.80 a month just to be covered and we are on SOCIAL SECURITY! After ALL the years we worked and paid into the government coffers, we are STILL PAYING DEARLY for medical. THIS IS A CRIME!

I am outraged, livid, and trying not to scream again.



Have a wonderful day…



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