Posted by: Marilyn Dieckmann | February 15, 2013

EVERWUD ~ I did it… can you feel the magic?


WHY on earth did it take me so long to finish writing the book and finally publish?

The truth is… I’m exhausted.

Not to be confused with tired. I can muddle through a day after a sleepless night and get my work done even though I feel tired all day. However, I am totally exhausted after countless sleepless nights, stress and feelbrothersing crushed by life.

Other than health and financial concerns that plague us, the sleeplessness is the result of another trauma that hit us on May 11th. We had a home fire that cost us a garage full of tools etc, part of our house, a greenhouse full of plants & furniture, a fairy tree house workshop, three tree houses and six months of our lives.

The reconstruction destroyed our summer & fall, and pushed into winter. It tried to wreak havoc on Christmas but having my three sons home was a Christmas wish come true, and nothing was going to spoil that.

EVERWUD ~ The TREE, The BOY & The DOG,  is the fourth re-write of a book I started 2 years ago. Throw in all the drama (stroke, fire, financial devastation) and it can truly be considered a work of love or I never would have finished it.

The characters call to me! IEVERWUD5 know their story as well as I know my own and I MUST finish telling the world who they are! Names have changed, even the point of view has changed… but, the story is the same. The characters are the same and so is fulfillment of the dream. Yes, I dream about them.

I close my eyes and I see the wud. I hear the bird-songs, smell the jasmine… and I’m there. I inhale the spicy scent of cinnamon as Tabor adds more than a pinch with sugar to his tea. I hear the laughter of children at the orphanage as they chase each other around the old red-brick mansion, and feel breathless with excitement as I climb the steps to the tree house tower. It is the world I have created… and I live this story.

Above all I feel the magic. It whispers in the wind, sings in the early morning mist, and speaks with every trickle of water into the ring pool.

“Tabor and his clan are Acer, people of the broad-leaf maple; Elves of the wood destined to usher in a new sense of fealty to the forest and illustrious keepers of the ring pool. The soothing trickle of water draws his attention as it winds its way down the tree rings to the pool. Ripples speak to him, and only him. They are heralds of the earth and forecast what will be.

Magnificent rooms carved in ancient layers of the tree rings surround him, and each room has a story to tell. Tales of magic, history, and even tragedy are inscribed on the hallowed walls: a living chronicle of his family heritage. Gone are the days when the rooms were filled with joy and the laughter of children. Eilorei is all that is left of his family, and he will protect her whatever the cost.
He absently rubs his foot over the well-worn floor, and looks down the spiral stairs. The polished surface is due entirely to generations of magi who have climbed the stairs searching for just the right ingredient. From the first shelf at the bottom to the skylight in the uppermost branches, he knows every morsel and breathes in the scent of this—his magic. Yet, all he has to show for the passing of years is a faded purple robe and a long white braid.”

EVERWUD is my magical world, and I invite you to share it with me.

Can you feel the magic?

Have a wonderful day!

From Marilyn with love…


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